DataCat Metadata Generator - DataCite Kernel 3.0

Use this form to generate metadata for your unpublished research dataset. An xml document is generated on the right, as you fill in the fields on the left. All the mandatory element fields, except for the 'Identifiers' element, will need completing before the dataset can be published and issued a DataCite DOI. The more metadata elements that are provided, the more easily your data may be discovered, reused and cited. Click on the [?] symbol for more information about the metadata elements (from 'Using Dublin Core - The Elements' by Diane Hillmann).
When you have completed the form, click on 'Ready to Save' button, then click on the 'Click here to Save: metadata.xml' button and the xml file should download...unless you are using Internet Explorer or Safari - in which case you should click on the 'Select All' button, copy the highlighted text, paste into a blank notepad or wordpad document and save as a .xml file.
Please keep a copy of the metadata.xml in the same folder with your (digital) research data and when you are ready to publish your data, send a copy to so we may register your data in the University of Sheffield Research Data Catalogue.
This tool is a modified form of the Datacite Metadata Generator created by Marcin Paluch.

Mandatory Elements

Has your data been allocated a DOI yet [?]

or another form of identifier, such as a handle or URL [?]
A name or title by which a resource is known. Additional types of title (alternative title, subtitle or translated title) may be included [?]
The main researchers involved in producing the data, or the authors of the publication, in priority order. May be a corporate/institutional or personal name. The personal name format should be: 'family, given'. If a name identifier is used, please enter the name of the scheme (e.g. ORCID, ISNI) [?]
Funder(s) & Grant Number(s):
Institution that provided financial support for the development of the resource and the associated grant number.
Select 'Funder' from [contributorType] list and input 'Grant number' in the [IdentifierType] textbox for additional instances.
Person with knowledge of how to access, troubleshoot, or otherwise field issues related to the resource. May also be a 'Point of contact' in an organisation or an email address.
The primary language of the resource. Please use two-letter primary language tags (e.g. en, de, fr) [?]
At least one description of the resource - ideally an abstract [?]

+ Other Elements